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Petrotech is a new concept which is specially molded to make students prepared and equipped to work efficiently in the required industries.You can find challenging opportunities in an environment that recognizes and rewards exceptional performance. We are a steadily expanding Company creating exciting opportunities for career growth.

Petrotech is a specialized training centre which offers pre-employment training program for students from engineering and polytechnic colleges. So if you're looking for a great place to build your career, we look forward to speaking with you

Petrotech offers various short term courses to cover a wide spectrum of industrial aspects which are required by industries. The syllabus chosen at petrotech is exactly as per the global standards as well as the latest working requirements of various oil and gas, petroleum companies.Petrotech training leads its trainees to become world class NDT operators or welding inspectors, painting inspectors, supervisors and technicians. This is obtained by theoretical knowledge, practical skills and work place attitudes which are essential to enter the profession of NDT/Inspection. Trainees are encouraged to be in touch with institute even after the course completion and consolidate the gains of training during the actual job performance.

Non Destructive Testing(NDT) is a noninvasive method and testing is carried out without damaging or impairing further usefulness of the material, component and sructure. The component can be put into use after the Testing. The signals that are employed do not alter the properties of the material permanently. Petrotech's NDT and Inspection Technology's NDT Training and Testing Center has been providing student focused education that integrates the best of theory and practical application.

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