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Petrotech Training Division also offers various skill development programs with a full-fledged syllabus suitable to mould the skilled technicians required for the oil and gas and other petroleum construction Industry in different disciplines like, Piping, welding, Fabrication, Erection, Steel fixing, Masonry, Rigging and HVAC, Scaffolding and Inspection.

Beginners/Entry level course covers principles and fundamentals of skill, skill technique and practical training, Selection for the training is in accordance with the skill, which the student shows during the selection test. This method ensures that students receive the technical indusry terminology and standards while learning skills.

Advanced level course is a package, well designed for well experienced or certified Technicians. It will be designed according to each student's requirement to educate and train him to be fit for the current technology requirement.Here we adopt project-based,demand-led training,which helps both the clients and contractors to get the right skills when they need them.
Petrotech completes the finishing touch to the student’s professional and technical skills through various steps and ways of teaching and training. Petrotech has a well designed package of training methods which is a novel combination of theory classes, latest industrial practices, and actual practical sessions. This training process is a well planned combination of innovative methods, including a virtual class room, a lecture lead class room, case study, and on the job training.
Our virtual classroom is well facilitated and equipped with innovative virtual class room tools like interacting with experts of various sectors, engineering through video conferencing, chatting and watching animated processes like welding, and getting a chance to witness live procedures in an engineering firm. We allow our students to be well familiar with required industries and the nature of the work. As the lecturers in video conference or chatting hail from different parts of the world, having different types of experiences, our students will be well aware of the peculiarities and how the industry is different from country to country. So with our virtual class room we open a new horizon of opportunities to the students of Petrotech Finishing School.
Our lecture lead classroom method is an integrated training method aimed at enhancing the knowledge of the trainees and giving them theoretical aspects of the subjects. The lecturer will act as a mentor and provide the training with the aid of audio and visual equipment’s.
This will be a very unique experience to the students and we are proud of developing it. Here we provide a rare chance to study and work on an actual project which is in progress in a firm. The students will be divided into different groups and they have to work on various stages of the given project such as engineering, construction, procurement, planning, quantity surveying, QC inspection, etc. For example, once a group completes engineering, they have to work next on construction, planning and so on. Thus each group covers the whole process of EPIC process and will get a practical and thorough knowledge on each session. Later, there will be a presentation session on which each group will present their work and there will be a healthy debate and discussion on the merits and demerits of each group’s work.
We arrange a unique chance of specialized training in major petroleum companies in India and abroad to selected students. We are sure this on the work training helps our students to achieve in-depth experience in their required field. Here, the relevance of Petrotech Finishing School to be an integral part of your professional life increases.
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